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Boom in visitors to Algarve's many sites and monuments

Hand in hand with the general rise in Algarve tourism, the number of visitors to the region’s monuments rose by 11% to the end of October, according to Culture in the Algarve’s regional directorate.

Places of interest include the Fort at Sagres, the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar and the Roman ruins of Milreu near Estoi.

According to the Regional Culture Department, the Fort at Sagres is the regional attraction that "exceeded expectations" having already surpassed 300,000 visitors as at the end of October, the first time this figure has been reached for 14 years.

Speaking to Sul Informaçao, the regional director of Culture Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves said this increase in visitors is only partly due to the general rise in tourists, but also is the result of better publicity and signage, and a range of activities that have been centred on the monuments and designed to attract locals.

Silves Castle has been a winner too, with the local council registering an increase to 205,000 visitors this year so far.

Experiencing the Algarve’s heritage is a must for many tourists who get bored lying on the beach but the Culture Authority has been working on attracting locals to their monuments by a programme called DiVaM that has been running since 2014.

This cultural programme includes various art forms including music, visual arts, cinema, performing arts all tied to the region's monuments.

This format has been so successful in engaging Portuguese locals it will continue through 2016.


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